Thursday, November 12, 2009

Delilah Daisy

Well I'm sure it won't take people long to realise this isn't Hollie writing because she does a much better job then me. This will be short and sweet, she's here her name is Delilah Daisy and she was 5lbs 6oz and 19 in. It is amazing how something so tiny can make you feel so much love. I wish I were better at this because there is so much more that I wish I could say, but I've done what I was supposed to do. So enjoy the picture, I'm sure when Hollie has the time she will do a much better post with even better pictures.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's official...yet again!

That's right, I have once again qualified for mother of the year. Here are two of my most recent 'proud motherhood moments' that put me in the running.

Addison has become quite the tattle tell lately. She tells on her brother for absolutely EVERYTHING! Now I will be the first to admit that he is quite the stinker, but my goodness she does not let him get away with anything. All I hear all day long is "mom, Urban's drinking", "mom, Urban's breathing", "mom, Urban's singing", "mom, Urban's hitting/biting me", "mom Urban's throwing something away", "mom, Urban's breaking something", etc. You get the gist. Now some of these are legitimate concerns, but so many of them are so ridiculous that it just starts to drive me crazy after awhile. So the other morning after she had told on him for some insignificant reason for the one hundredth time I just lost it. I yelled at her and said I didn't want to hear any more. I didn't care what he was doing, she just needed to deal with it and resolve it on her own. I went into the other room and several minutes later I heard Addison quietly sobbing. She was trying very hard not to let me hear her, which is strange. She normally tries to cry as loudly as possible to evoke as much sympathy as possible. I figured something must not be right. I went into the room, startling Urban as I did, to find Addison sitting there with tears streaming down her face and a bright red arm. Apparently Urban had put the smack down on her arm (very quietly might I add, I never heard a thing) and Addison just sat there and took it because I had yelled at her for being a nark. What the heck! What kind of mother does something like this? I felt so bad. I sat there hugging her and crying and telling her how sorry I was. Yep, mother of the year!

Urban has recently decided that it is great fun to play with the locks on the front door. He's great at locking the door, but has some trouble turning it the other way for some reason. He has locked me out of the house on a couple of different occasions when I've gone to get the mail or take trash to the curb or whatever. Luckily it's never been for very long. He either quickly figures out how to unlock it or someone else is around to let me in. Well, on this particular day he locked me out and I was simply not in the mood for his shenanigans. It was freezing outside and I was in a hurry. When I got to the door to find it locked I yelled at him to open it for me. I heard him messing with the locks but it was still locked. After several minutes of listening to him tinker with it I was less than amused. "Damn it Urban, open the door!" Oh that's right, I said it. I'm quite ashamed of myself but I was so mad. Nothing! So I started repeatedly ringing the doorbell and kicking the door hoping that Addison would hear me and come to the door. She didn't. I knew what room Addison was in so I went to that window and told her to go to the front door and unlock it for me. I heard her get to the door, then I heard a brawl break out. Urban was determined not to let her near the door. I don't know if he thought it was a game at this point, if he was just being territorial or if he knew how much trouble he was going to be in once I got inside. Anyway, I started yelling for Addison to hurry up and unlock the door. She started crying and telling me that she was trying to but Urban wouldn't let her. She told me that he was hitting her and pushing her out of the way so she couldn't. I tried telling Urban to knock it off, but of course he didn't listen. So then I told Addison to do whatever she had to do to get to the door. "But he won't let me" she screamed. "Then push him out of the way" I yelled back, "I don't care what you have to do just get him away from the door". After hearing some screaming, crying, pushing, hitting & yelling the door was finally unlocked. I entered to find Urban sitting in a nearby chair trying as hard as he could to ignore me. He knew he was going to get it. After making sure Addison was okay I laid into the Urbster. Again, what kind of mother does stuff like this? Standing outside yelling at my children, giving one permission to do whatever it takes to the other in order to open the door. My neighbors must think I'm just lovely. Yep, mother of the year!

To my dear, sweet children; some day when you're sitting in a shrinks office trying to sort through your issues, just hand him a copy of this post and all will be explained.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maternity pictures

My sister took my pregnancy pictures today and she did a fabulous job. She's been waiting forever to take them but I don't really get all that big (so I'm told, I feel huge!) until right at the end of my pregnancy. We decided we needed to do it today just in case little miss came early. It was so much fun. She found the cutest little place and we got down and dirty (literally, we were on the ground) to get some shots. She has a little sneak preview up on her blog and I can't wait to see the rest! I love what I've seen so far which is rare for me because I hate having my picture taken and never like the way they turn out. I guess it helps when you're SUPPOSED to look tubby! =) It also helps to have a great photographer that I'm so comfy with. She made me feel like a super model. Thanks again, you're the best!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We had a fun filled week of Halloween festivities this year. We started the week by carving our pumpkins. I apparently have very odd children because they do not enjoy getting dirty. You can tell by the looks on their faces that they were less than thrilled to be cleaning out the pumpkin guts. I must say they come by it honestly, Jared hates having dirty hands, it totally grosses him out. Every time Urban would stick his hand in his pumpkin he would pull it out and say "sticky, need wipe". I tried to explain to him that we would clean him up once he was all done, but he wasn't having it, he wanted to be cleaned each time.

The pumpkins turned out pretty cute. Jared helped Urban carve a face into his and Addison wanted a kitty cat so I helped her carve a silhouette.

On Thursday Addison had a Halloween party at her preschool. She was so excited to wear her costume for her class to see. She originally wanted to be a witch (which I was very excited about, I had cute costume ideas) but then she saw her cousin Ava's costume and just had to have the same one. I could not talk her out of it. Oh well, she made a super cute tiger kitty and she was happy.
Then Thursday night we went trunk-or-treating at the church. It was so much fun to see all the kiddos in the ward dressed up all cute. Urban was a monster which was perfect because I call him my little monster man anyway. I remembered that my nephew Blaise had worn this costume when he was like 3 (he's now 10) and my sister still had it so it worked out perfectly. He looked so cute, I want to have him wear it everyday.

On Friday night we went over to my sister's house to have a spooktacular Halloween party. Of course I didn't get any pictures, but believe you me it was lots of fun. We all dressed up & had yummy Halloween themed finger foods.
Halloween night we met up with some friends of ours to have dinner then took the kids trick-or-treating around their neighborhood. We all had a lot of fun and got lots of yummy candy. Once we got back home we put the kids to bed then Jared & I had our annual Halloween date. We rummage through the kids candy and make some other snacks then watch a scary movie together. Not too scary mind you, we're both kind of scaredy cats! =)