Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Since it's already 80 something degrees and supposed to get up into the high 90's by this weekend (and it's only April), we decided we needed a way to cool down. Jared bought Addison this super cute pool with a slide and I went to buy her a bathing suit today. She absolutely LOVES swimming. She has no fear of the water and loves to go down the slide. It was so fun to watch her play in the water. I took a bunch of pictures because there just isn't anything sweeter than a baby in a swimsuit. Yes, in case you're wondering, that is her dad swimming with her in the tiny baby pool. They were too cute together!

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Baby of Many Different Hats

Ok, so I'm new to all of this blogging stuff and I wasn't quite sure what to do for my first post. Then I remembered I had all these cute pictures of my baby girl with different "hats" on. I thought this would be fitting since her personality can be just as different as all of these many hats. Addison Rose is my pride and joy, I love that girl! For the most part she is really pretty mellow for a one and a half year old, but she has her moments. One minute she'll be sweetly rubbing my back saying "mama ok?" as I'm bent over the toilet throwing up (I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy). The next she'll be kicking herself in her own head laughing the entire time (your guess is as good as mine!) and the absolute next she's throwing a tantrum because I don't understand what it is she's telling me she wants out of the pantry and I've already offered her everything trying to figure it out. She definitely keeps me busy and entertained. I love watching her grow, and each new phase is some how better than the last. So here are some pictures of my cutie pie. I am by no means a photographer, I wish I was, but this is about as good as it gets.

The Chef!

The Artist!

(Those are actually just bloomers on her head)

Gangsta Addi!

Just plain silly!