Wednesday, April 27, 2011

quarters & ice cream

I was at Walmart today with the kiddos when a little old man came walking up to us and started digging in his pockets. He told the kids that he was going to give them some money so they could buy an ice cream cone. Then he asked them if they like ice cream to which they responded with vigorous head shaking. He started to hand them 4 quarters then handed them each one more and told me that it was to account for inflation. Addison politely said "thank you" while Urban excitedly yelled "money!". Then the man looked up and saw Delilah in the cart, apparently he had not noticed her before. He started to hand her 5 quarters as well then turned to me and said "I'm going to give this straight to her so she doesn't feel left out, but then you'll need to take it away from her because she may put it in her mouth and choke". How cute is he? Delilah just looked confused...she could barely hold on to five quarters without dropping them out of her little hand. I kept trying to thank him and tell him how kind he is but he just went on his merry way.

What a sweet old guy. He reminded me of my dear Grandpa Martin. He always wanted to take us grandkids out for ice cream cones and gave us whatever change he had in his pockets.

Once we left Walmart I took the kids to Mcdonald's for a kid's cone. They're pretty excited that they get 4 more since they only cost 25 cents each. Who knows, we may splurge and get a big one next time. =)