Friday, December 31, 2010


"Summer, summer, summertime (ooh summertime)
time to sit back and unwind" thank you Mr. Will Smith

I do love summertime, especially here in Utah. The weather is so nice and it stays light pretty late so you lose all track of time just surrounding yourself with family and doing what you love. We had a great summer this year. Even though we stayed close to home we packed a lot into it.

Our nephews Brady & Garett came from Phoenix to spend about 3 or so weeks with us in July. It was so fun having them around. We took them to Lagoon which was also the first time our family had gone.

I felt so bad, I lathered all the kids up with sunscreen and accidentally got it in Lilah's eyes. That's why they're all red & puffy. They were so sensitive for the rest of the day. oops!
Addison & Urban got to go on all the kiddie rides and absolutely loved it. I wasn't sure how Urban would do, I thought he might get scared, but he did great. He just kept asking to go again.

I liked the rides with 2 steering wheels. Urban put the smack down on Addison a couple of times if she got to be in front or if she had a steering wheel. He's such a stinker. Oh he makes me so mad sometimes.

Lilah & I just took a little snooze in the shade while everyone else played at the water park for a little while. Nice & relaxing.

Brady (left) was a perfect roller coaster companion for Jared. They both love the high-flyin', loopty-loo rides. They even talked Garett into going on a few with them. They both had little teeny-bopper girls following them around the park. Brady & Garett I mean, not Jared...that would just be weird. =)

Jared took the boys back to Lagoon a couple of days later because we had bounce-back passes. I can't really remember what else we did while they were here. I know there were trips to music stores (they're both really into music & playing the guitar), carnival, mall, movies, games (board & video), lake and that's all I can think of at the moment.
I miss all my nieces & nephews so much. I'm so glad these 2 were able to visit. They're welcome back any time along with all of the rest of them.


Jennifer Richins said...

So funny to be reading about Summer when yesterday it was snowing in Vegas! Glad you're catching up on your blog, I've been missing reading it.