Monday, April 26, 2010


He did it again.

So it turns out that Urban is a bit of a klutz. He is constantly tripping over his own feet, running into walls or falling out of his chair for absolutely no reason at all. He'll just be sitting there, then next thing I know he's on the floor. Nothing will happen, he won't even be goofing off, he just falls down. It mystifies my mind.

Well sadly, he also falls down stairs. The entire time he was learning to walk and then perfecting the art, he never fell down our stairs. Now that he's a seasoned pro he's done it twice. Unfortunately his face always takes the brunt of his falls. I've never actually seen it happen. I just hear the ruckus and start running. I feel so bad for him, it looks just miserable. Our stairs aren't carpeted and they have the metal studs on the end. It must hurt so badly. Poor little guy!

Here's a picture of his latest stunt... (it's a bit out of focus)

And this one is from back in September...
He always seems to hit right in the same spot, right on the bridge of his nose. OUCH!!! Luckily he's always been okay. He just needs some extra cuddles & loves.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Easter seems like it was so long ago, but it was just over 2 weeks ago!

Anyway, we had a great Easter Sunday. The kids woke up and found their baskets, then we had a huge, delicious breakfast. After breakfast we colored eggs for our Easter egg hunt. Later in the afternoon we headed over to my sister's house for a yummy ham dinner.

We weren't really able to watch conference because we didn't have TV at the time. We did watch a few talks online when we got home that evening. I'm excited to get this month's Ensign so I can read the rest.

Somebody doesn't like not being able to do things by himself. What? I don't know where he gets that from! =)

Friday, April 16, 2010


I know I'm going out of order here considering I still haven't posted about Easter, but I wanted to share these pictures of the kids.

Since yesterday was such a beautiful spring day we planned a photo shoot with my sister. I dressed the kiddos in their Easter clothes and we headed off to the park. They all looked so cute.

Heather really got some great shots, which isn't easy with my bunch. Urban does not like taking directions from anybody. I was actually quite surprised that she got a single shot without him pointing his finger and scrunching up his face yelling "no, I don't like it!" They were much more interested in playing on the playground than getting their picture taken. In all fairness, what kid wouldn't rather play than sit still and pose? Actually I take that back, my niece Avery was dying to have her picture taken. She kept posing and asking if it was her turn. She cracks me up.

All in all they did great. I think they turned out super cute. Thanks Heather!

Here's the link

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegas Baby!

I am so totally behind, but here's a little catch up.

The weekend before Easter was quite a busy one for us. That Thursday, Jared had Lasik done. He has been wanting it for such a long time. He's worn glasses since he was 10 years old and was just sick of it. So we decided to set aside some of his profit sharing money for the procedure. He is so glad he did it, he absolutely loves it. He had no complications and his vision was better almost immediately. It was a little fuzzy the first day, then continually got better until he could see just as well, if not better, than he was able to with glasses or contacts. The first few nights he was supposed to tape some funky protective lenses to his face so that he wouldn't scratch or rub his eyes in the middle of the night. He looked pretty goofy! One night he woke up and found them taped to his stomach instead. hee hee I was supposed to take pictures of him for his sister Julie, but I forgot and he has since thrown them away. Sorry Julie! Anyway, he just went in for his two week follow up and everything looks great.

The day after having it done he had to go in for a check up real quick in the morning, then we were on our way to Las Vegas. My super cute cousin Jennifer was having a baby shower for her first baby so we decided to take a little mini vacation. I love Vegas, I'll look for any reason to go! Her shower was so much fun. All of her friends did a great job planning it and she is an absolutely adorable little preggo lady.

While we were there we got to visit with so much family, it was wonderful. My parents were there along with my aunt & uncle and grandma from Cali. Then we got to see my aunt & uncle who live in Vegas along with 4 of my cousins and their cute families who all live there. My brother and his family also stopped by for a few hours on their way home from Sacramento. It was like a Martin family reunion. There was only one of my cousins who wasn't there. I love my mom's side of the family. We all lived close growing up and got to see one another often. We have all stayed fairly close as we've gotten older, I only wish we could see each other more often.

Some good friends of ours had us over for dinner on Sunday night and we got to see their little guy for the first time. What a cutie pie! The kids all had a fun time playing together while we got caught up on each other's lives.

We also got in some fun shopping and good eating while we were there.

It was fun just driving around to different parts of town that hold fond memories for us. We showed the kids the church building we met at, the casino we went to on our first date to see a movie & play in the arcade, the Temple we were sealed in and our first home.

Every time I go back to Las Vegas it's so hard to leave. I forget how much I miss it until I'm there. Not to mention the weather was beautiful while we were there. It was really windy the first day (that's to be expected in Vegas in March) but the rest of the weekend was perfect. It was so sunny and warm. That's part of the appeal, especially after a long winter in Utah. But believe you, me, in just a couple of months I'd be wanting to come back to Utah after not being able to walk outside without blistering from the heat. Maybe we'll just get a winter home there and come back here in the summers. A girl can dream can't she? =)

Oh yeah, one more thing. We all know how great I am at forgetting to bring my camera places right? Well, I actually remembered to bring it with us! The only problem is that I couldn't remember where I put it. I searched through all of our stuff but didn't end up finding it until we unpacked once we got home. Oh well, what do you do?